Paleo Diet Meal Plan Suggestions For a Healthy Meal

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A paleo diet meal plan consists of healthy, nourishing foods that were created in prehistoric times when man first began hunting and gathering. These types of foods consist of fresh fruit, vegetables, lean meats, fish, shellfish, and dairy products. Simple paleo diet meal plans contain foods that are simple to prepare and rich in essential nutrients that can help you maintain a healthy weight without the use of harmful pharmaceuticals.

Paleo meal plans often contain desserts such as brownies and ice cream. Some of the best dessert recipes include homemade yogurt, banana nut bread and almond cakes. Paleo menu plans are not limited to these types of dessert items; they also contain other delicious ingredients such as cheese, meatballs and puddings. Healthy male recipes provide an abundance of choices for your lunch and dinner meals, so you never have to miss out on the delicious taste of a sweet treat again!

One of the most popular meals served on Paleo menus is the classic crock pot pulled pork. Pork shoulder commands the highest amount of fat, salt and calorie among meats, which makes this an important Paleo dinner option. The great thing about Paleo dinner recipes is that you can create them to satisfy just about any taste preference that you have. You can choose to serve your dinner dishes with barbecue sauce, garlic and onion, barbecue sauce and a honey mustard glaze for a spicy meal, or you can choose to serve it with a mild barbecue sauce and just have the meat. Other Paleo dinner ideas for crock pot pulled pork include making a roast pork roast with vegetables.

Of course, another excellent Paleo dinner choice is potatoes. One of the most popular potato recipes on the Paleo diet is to bake the potatoes in coconut oil. Other potato options include using sweet potatoes, yams, beets or sweet peas in your Paleo recipe instead of the more traditional white potatoes. Using a potato oven makes it possible to cook your potatoes without using a lot of oil, and cooking time is reduced significantly.

An excellent Paleo breakfast food option is avocados. Avocados are extremely high in both dietary fiber and protein, which make them an excellent addition to any Paleo meal. A very popular way to prepare avocados for breakfast is to add some salsa to your coffee before you start your day, or even to serve it on its own. Another excellent breakfast sweet potato recipe option is to serve an avocado salad with the roasted or sauteed avocado on top for a tasty and nutritious snack.

A favorite Paleo dinner is a butternut squash bake. A butternut squash is very low in fat, as well as a good source of dietary fiber and protein. This makes it an excellent alternative to beef or chicken dishes, and it is great to eat on its own or served with a creamy sauce for dinner. If you enjoy baking, you can make the butternut squash cake a permanent part of your Paleo dessert menu.